High Density Mobile Filing Storage Shelving Options

High Density Mobile Filing Storage  Shelving Options

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High density mobile filing systems can store up to five times more files in the same space as conventional systems. They can also dramatically improve your office efficiency. We offer solutions for all your office filing needs. Studies show that the average worker spends up to 60% of their time processing paper. High density mobile filing systems can make filing twice as fast. The savings can be substantial.

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     All our products are on the Federal GSA schedule as well as the Florida GSA Contract    
All our products are on the Federal GSA schedule

Slash filing space in half with High Density Mobile Filing Systems
We start every job by analyzing your specific requirements. Together with you, we devise solutions that maximize your available square footage and increase efficiency. High density mobile filing systems installations are done with little or no disruption to your operations and we follow up with full support, including effective training on the new equipment for you and your staff. Utilizing rotary filing systems, high density mobile storage shelving systems, open shelf filing and high density mobile filing systems, we offer you the latest in efficient filing applications.

Slash your labor costs
We are high density mobile filing systems experts. Let us show you how to cut your file retrieval and filing times. We specialize in consulting and redesigning high density mobile filing systems workflow systems to help you keep track of all your files. We offer state of the art records management applications that can cut your labor costs associated with lost files by 70 percent. Let our experts show you how you can maximize your file room efficiency.

Get the high density mobile filing systems advantage
High density mobile filing systems free up valuable office space to grow your business and boost your productivity today. Most companies find the investment pays off in two years or less, while others find it only takes a few months.

We have dealers in all 50 states. Send us an email and we will direct you to your local dealer. If you want to find your local dealer now, go to high density mobile contact us page .

Electrical High Density Mobile Shelving Systems - Setting the New Standard in High Density Filing

High Density Mobile Shelving's new industry standard is the Electrical Mobile Shelving System.

“Our high density electric mobile system allows our staff to easily access information easier and faster than ever before. It has provided us safe and efficient filing which is most welcomed in our hectic environment.” Metropolitan Police Department Acting Director

High Density MobileAdvanced technology allows failure prone mechanical parts to be replaced with state of the art components such as electro-static touchpads and photo-optic aisle width adjustments to avoid costly downtime and service calls. The logic system even recognizes weight load changes and adjusts carriage operation automatically for reduced system wear and tear.

This high profile pharmaceutical company uses electric high density mobile storage systems to house highly confidential files relating to the various drugs that are being manufactured as well as research files. “This is the perfect system for our requirements. Not only are we able to interface with our main frame system that allows us real time file tracking, but the electric mobile filing provides us the file security required by our clients and government regulations!”

Need Secure Storage Electrical, Mechanical Assist, Manual Movable Shelving & Storage Systems Available

Movable Shelving Systems come in many different shapes and sizes for hundreds of different storage applications. High Density Movable Shelving Systems are composed of tracks anchored into your floor with moveable and fixed carriages sitting atop the tracks. On top of the carriages will sit any of dozens of different types of shelving systems or cabinets for your storage needs.

Movable Shelving Systems offer several different safety requirements ranging from a mechanical aisle safety lock, overhead heat sensor, to a passive infra-red safety sweep available both in mechanical and electric systems. Find you local dealer for specific safety features available to you by putting your zip code in the Dealer Locator on this page and going to his local website.

Shelving Systems available for use in high density mobile storage systems include steel shelving, L&T Shelving, open shelf four-post shelving, cantilever shelving, wire shelving, case style, shelf files, lateral files, industrial metal shelving, high density drawer systems, museum cabinets, flat files, art racks, weapon racks, pallet racking in heavy duty systems and most other shelving systems available.

High density mobile and high density mobile storage systems are the state of the art storage opportunities

There are three different ways to operate a high density movable shelving system. A Manual operated system has a fixed handle on the end panel, which requires grabbing the system and pulling the system side-to-side to create an access aisle. This system is only advised for the smallest and lightest applications for safety considerations.

Moveable Shelving Mechanical Assist systems are the most common and cost efficient high density shelving systems. Mechanical Assist systems have three spoke ergonomic handles attached to each moveable carriage in your system and rotate like a steering wheel with the spokes rotating in your hand as you rotate the handle.

High Density Mobile Movable Shelving Electric high density systems are the third control consideration for operating your high density system. Electric controls allow you to operate the shelving system with the push of a button. These state of the art systems can connect directly to your computer for file tracking or fire safety control closure. These systems can be operated with your hands full of folders. These systems provide advanced safety features not available in the manual and mechanical assist systems.

Many Choices for Custom Designer Edge End Panels to Beautify Your High Density Mobile Storage and Filing Fileroom

  • Steel End Panels: Get that polished look of your custom paint choice and matching chainbox

  • Laminate End Panels: You can choose any laminate to beautify your file rooms end panels.

  • Wood End Panels: Custom wood end panels are the designer's ultimate choice.

  • Aluminum Radius Edge: This state of the art beautiful end panel gives any room that special designer look.

  • Make better use of your space
    High Density Mobile shelving offers the highest possible density for storage of files and other media. High density mobile systems maximize space utilization by eliminating aisles and compacting several storage cabinets or shelving systems into a much smaller amount of space. An aisle or access to your files is opened up only when and where you need it by easily shifting entire rows of shelving.

    Save money by using your existing shelving and storage systems
    Your existing high density mobile shelving or high density mobile cabinets can easily be adapted into high density mobile filing systems, allowing you to store the same information in a more secure environment. We custom build a carriage that wraps around your existing shelving to match your environment. The carriages are mounted to rails and move easily — maximizing the efficiency of your existing storage areas.

    Speed access and retrieval of information
    By allowing you to store all your information requirements in one space-efficient area, files and other media are accessible within a few feet of each other. High Density Mobile storage systems allow you to keep files close to those that need them and minimize off-site storage. Productivity increases as the amount of time required for access, filing and retrieval of your information is reduced.

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