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We specialize in creating innovative, space-saving solutions for any business. Here are a few examples to show you how we can dramatically improve the day-to-day operations of your company through the introduction of high density filing systems and other equipment.

Case Study: High density filing rescues the archives

Client: Springdale County Archives
Location: Lincoln, Virginia

Challenge: The Springdale County Archives faced a storage crunch. Boxes of files filled with historical documents had even taken over their lunchroom. Their limited budget prevented any physical expansion of the Archive building, but a solution had to be found.

Objective: To economically solve the Archives' storage issues within their current location.

Solution: We created a high density filing solution using the SpacePro Manual Mobile System. This gave them enough room for all their current documents, plus room to grow while cutting file retrieval time in half, vastly improving efficiency. Plus, everybody at the Archives can now sit on chairs instead of boxes of files while enjoying a sandwich.


Before we had towers of paper and we’d spend hours looking for misplaced files. You came in, assessed the situation and solved our problems with room to spare. Thanks so very much.

Karen Schrempf Springdale County Archives Manager

Case Study: Legal-sized filing issue solved

Client: Fogler & Associates
Location: New York City, New York

Challenge: Fogler & Associates, a law firm rapidly growing from small to medium size, needed to dramatically increase their filing storage area within their existing offices.

Objective: The client wanted an attractive high density filing solution to meet their increasing storage needs. They also foresaw a move to a new office in the not-to-distant future so their high density filing solution needed to be transportable.

Solution: Our Rotary File system, with its failproof design and heavy-duty construction, stands up to even the most demanding usage. They are easy to move between offices; empty of files, they can simply be transported by dolly. We installed the Rotary Files in less than a day, including the transfer of all files. Now Fogler keeps four times the records in the same space of conventional files, and it's secure, a must for confidential papers.


“Thanks to your help, we solved the case of our filing problems. And when it comes to first-class customer service, your employees are guilty. We'll be calling you again as we grow.”

Case Study: The right prescription for high density filing

Client: Shiny Teeth Dental Clinic
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Challenge: X-ray vision would have helped the Shiny Teeth Dental Clinic find some of their patient files when they came to us. During our free evaluation, we discovered long-lost files hidden inside their standard cabinets, having fallen out of drawers. Their rapid growth had resulted in a disorganized filing system.

Objective: They needed a system that would be easy to use and allow constant access to every file while being HIPAA compliant.

Solution: We prescribed L&T Shelving, combined with a Lateral Track system, which gave them layers of easily accessed, immaculately organized files. Optional lockable doors and drawers facilitate safety and security while also ensuring HIPAA compliance. We also created a colour-coded alphabetically-ordered filing system which allows them to instantly see incorrectly filed folders. They can now easily access every file, every X-ray, for all their patients in one very efficient set-up.


“We were able to add another chair to our clinic, something we didn't think we had to the space to do, thanks to the space-saving system your company created for us. We didn't realize what high-density filing could do when

Dr. Sashi Sapana Dentist, Shiny Teeth Dental Clinic

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