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In this new age of High Density Mobile Filing Systems applications we are driven to provide to our clients the best products, best price and best service. As experts in the filing industry we offer all the latest high density filing applications. Our people are highly trained in large and complex installations of large high density mobile filing systems applications.

In the fast-paced business environment, office filing and storage areas can become overwhelmed with clutter, making workplace efficiency hard to accomplish. We believe that for every storage dilemma, a creative and convenient solution is possible.

Whether you need to free up valuable space, increase storage capacity, improve efficiency, or just effectively organize, our knowledgeable team of storage professionals will work with you to develop and implement a high density filing solution that meets your specific needs. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you see a return on your investment.

Today, our team of dedicated individuals strives to deliver you the best in optimized filing and storage systems.

Michael Fallingbrook, President Michael Fallingbrook founded the company with a vision personal attention versus cookie-cutter solutions


Alex Jasper, Director of Sales Fully versed with the demands of document storage and retrieval, Alex can show you how to achieve efficient safe and secure filing.

Mark Sinclair, Associate Working for many years with a large manufacturer of mobile system, Mark provides in-depth expertise for clients that require the highest capacity storage possible - nobody does Mobile better.


Angela Kinsella, Sales Associate Angela Kinsella is our Healthcare filing specialist. From customized end-tab folders and labelling systems to x-ray files, Angela can implement systems that save you time, space and money.

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